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Hey I'm Rachel.

I'm a stubborn and curious creative empowering others so they can claim the title of artist and learn how to thrive in the modern art world.

Who cares about my achievements? I'm here to help you get your own :)

Our Philosophy:

Ask more questions, do art differently, and only drink the strong coffee.

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C U R R E N T   C O U R S E S

Painting Portraits

Are you struggling with flat, dimensionless portraits? Are your colors muddying and leaving you frustrated? Are you ready to just give up and never paint a person again?

This course will solve all those paint problems and more!


The artist roadmap.

Don't you just wish there was a guide for how to get started with your art turned business?

Oh wait, there is.

The Artist Roadmap  is an easy to follow guide outlining ten steps to work through so you can set yourself up for creative success.

The Creative Bones was made to help beginner artists find their footing and become confident in the artist they were meant to be. Through courses, coaching, and a community events, there's a little of something for everyone in this space.

it's official creative!