Stop hustling after another's success.

Learn to thrive in your unique art practice and creative business.

The Creative Bones is an artist resource space created and run by Rachel Christopoulos.

Find courses, blog posts, and downloadable content to help you explore your artist potential and become a thriving artist entrepreneur.

C U R R E N T   C O U R S E S

the Academy

a monthly membership created to provide artists with the tools needed to reflect, align, and grow their practice.


A three month coaching course designed to help you build and grow as an artist from a thriving foundation.

The Artist

A 10 step workbook and course created to help you clarify your path and next steps as an artist.

Fulfilling creative careers can't be built following someone else's system.


They're created by finding your own. 



Are you dying to have that thriving status that *every* other artist seems to have? Are you struggling to just stay motivated when it seems like nothing you're doing is moving you forward?
If you need a pep talk + some words to keep you going, this training is for you... so what are you waiting for?

The Thriving
Artist Academy

Begin to take your creativity seriously through monthly insights, reflection prompts, and creative challenges designed to help you feel more aligned than ever with your practice.


"I was a little unsure of joining The Community at first, taking on *another* subscription, I thought it might just end up being another way to pretend I'm investing in myself but it'd be a waste of money.

I was so wrong..."


The artist


Don't you just wish there was a guide for how to get started with your art turned business?

The Artist Roadmap  is an easy to follow guide outlining ten steps to work through so you can set yourself up for creative success.

Oh wait, there is.

The Creative Bones was made to help beginner artists find their footing and become confident in the artist they were meant to be. Through courses, coaching, and a community membership, there's a little of something for everyone in this space.

it's official creative!