2020 Reflection




Rachel is the founder of The Creative Bones. She is a portrait artist and creative coach, running her business from Madison, WI. She created this community space to help beginner artists find the tools necessary to become thriving, established ones.

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Laurel Greenfield is a Boston-based painter capturing nostalgic food memories in vibrant color so they can be savored forever. For Laurel, food is a symbol of love, joy, and connection! Her paintings are bold, vibrant, and full of color.

Despite Everything
Despite Everything

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Despite Everything
Despite Everything

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Best In Show Winner:

Daylynn Drever

"I wanted this piece to represent the constant shifting and change that happened in 2020 for me. 2020 was a tough one. There’s no denying that I had my fair share of hard days, isolation, emotional turmoil and times when I thought I was losing myself.


The first layer I put on the canvas was dark, scribbly and messy to represent those feelings and moments. After that, I started adding more layers, texture and color because, even though there were bad times, the good parts and growth that came out of 2020 overshadowed all of that. Just like the elements in this painting, most of those experiences were unexpected. I started painting and found something that brought me joy and light in a time when everything else seemed to be unpredictable and chaotic. I found a healthier balance in my life and was able to *stubbornly* grow through challenges I had to face.


I realized that slowing down was actually good for me. I gained perspective on what really matters. For me, I will remember 2020 as a time where I was able to learn more about myself and what I needed to make my life full. It gave me perspective and left me feeling more resilient and better equipped to handle what life will inevitably throw at me. This painting is a representation of 2020 for me…a little messy but full of growth."

About the artist:

Daylynn is a Canadian artist that uses a variety of mediums and different techniques to create bright abstract paintings and unique landscapes. Most of her inspiration is derived from nature and a love of color. She finds joy in utilizing unexpected color combinations and playful experimentation in her artwork. Daylynn has found painting to be the perfect expression for her creative energy and uses it to bring balance to her life and more colour into the world. She resides in Calgary, AB, Canada with her husband.

the art.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art from this show, please click the photo of the piece you are interested in and follow the artist's direct link to inquire.