Thriving Artist



You have a deeply rooted desire to thrive in your creative practice.

The Thriving Artist Academy is Patreon based membership created to help you focus in on your personal business needs, all the while giving you the tools you need to meet them. By combining the power of curated resources, actionable challenges, and a community space, you’ll be able to give your creative practice the attention it needs to grow.

Which sounds more like you?

The Planter

You're an artist who feels focused and ready to get to work, you just need a little push and prompting.

The Gardener

You're a creative who’s ready to do the work and see where your passion can take you.

The Propogator

You're passionate and on a mission to confidently spread your creativity and ideas everywhere you go.

Inside the Academy, you’ll get cozy with your artist self as you explore who you were meant to be and what running a creative business looks like for you. This artist space will remind you to be continuously checking in with yourself, re-aligning your action, and taking the time to reflect on the path and progress you’re making.


Our membership is broken down into tiers to help you choose the best place for you to learn and grow right now.

Inside The Academy

focused workshops + monthly trainings.

downloadable workbooks and insights.

access to 1 on 1 coaching calls + content archives. 

private creative community space.

The Thriving Artist Academy focuses on personal transformation, alignment, and taking action with your art to build strong and consistent creative habits.

This membership has limited spots! You can join any time there are openings and cancel whenever you feel led to explore elsewhere.

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive access to the current content and any other benefits for your tier.



Courtney P.

Being a part of the Community has given me so much confidence in myself and my art! Having the support of the other members and making connections has been so invaluable. It was definitely just what I needed. Joining this community was the best decision I made all year.

May  B.

I have definitely loved being a part of this community! I have learned so much from Rachel and she is always ready to offer advice. She makes you think a little deeper, to help build that solid foundation. Plus getting to have conversations with all the members has been great as well. Everyone is so supportive!

Renee R.

I love being a part of the community! Rachel is so active in the group chat and always providing us with great resources, prompts, and she is quick to help with anything she can. I love having access to her art + business brain as well as making connections with the others in the group.