There is so much more to being a thriving artist than just "making money". Going into business for yourself is hard work and you need to be rooted deep into your foundation to be able to continue chasing your dream when discouragement and doubt set in.

I want to be help you navigate the art world. I want to help you recognize that your voice and your art matter. I want to help you move from starving artist to thriving artist. And you know what? You have all the tools to do this inside you already, I'm just here to help you uncover them and guide you through your journey's first steps.

So what are you waiting for?

Rooted is a 3 month coaching course designed to help you identify the artist you are and give you the tools necessary to navigate the art world on your own. 

discover your voice and grow your community.

explore your offer and find your uniqueness.

grow your skill and confidently navigate the art world.

Become the artist you were made to be.

What if I told you that the subtle call you hear and that gentle push you feel to explore your creativity was put inside you for a reason? Would you feel excited, anxious to explore where your artist inclinations could lead you? And what if I told you I believed that all creative callings, your creative calling, was something unique and beautiful only you could share with the world? Would you believe me?

ROOTED is a course dedicated to unveiling the artist within you. It's designed to help you establish your foundation and grow from a place of confidence, knowing that your art + you is a unique combination.



- You're a hobbyist or beginner artist looking to transition into a professional artist.

- You're ready to build your business on your own terms.

- You crave the success you see but don't know how to make it yours.

- You're struggling to find your vision and voice as an artist.

- You're busy doing all the things but nothing is working.

- You're ready to make a commitment to your art and start making things happen.

Are you ready to become confident as an artist and business owner?

Rooted is a 3 month coaching course exploring 12 different topics to help you build a creative business that doesn't just scrape by, but thrives. Through hands on help, video and PDF resources, coaching calls, and conversation you'll be on your way to discovering the driving factors behind your creative habits and begin tapping into your potential as an artist.


Together we'll look at vision, message, the world of copyright and licensing, pitching products and art, and how to niche your business so you aren't just yelling into a void to get noticed. And that's just the beginning!

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Grow your artist

roots deep.

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