ROOTED will be changing in 2022! Browse below to learn about the philosophy of the course and check back soon to see the updates for the coming year.

discover your voice and become confident in your message

explore your purpose and find your unique strengths

grow your skill and confidently navigate the art world

Become the artist you were made to be.

What if I told you that the subtle call you hear and that gentle push you feel to explore your creativity was put inside you for a reason? Would you feel excited, anxious to explore where your artist inclinations could lead you?


And what if I told you that I believed that all creative callings, your creative calling, was something unique and beautiful only you could share with the world? Would you believe me?

Artist, becoming deeply rooted is the first step to building a foundation that supports a lifelong and fulfilling creative career. 


ROOTED is a course dedicated to unveiling the artist within you. It's designed to help you establish your foundation and grow from a place of confidence, knowing that your art + you is a unique combination that will strengthen your business as it grows.


You have a dream and you know this creative call is inside of you for a reason, but you feel lost:


How do you pursue it?

What's the best way to market yourself?

How do you actually sell your work and make a living as an artist?

Inside ROOTED you'll find the tools needed to navigate these questions and the art world while staying true to the artist you meant to be.

Are you ready to become confident as an artist & business owner?

Rooted is a 3 month coaching course exploring 12 different topics to help you build a creative business that doesn't just scrape by, but thrives. Through hands on help, video and PDF resources, coaching calls, and conversation you'll be on your way to discovering the driving factors behind your creative habits and begin tapping into your potential as an artist.


Your Business Plan

Choosing A Focus


Style vs. Money


Your Message

Community Building

Problem / Solution

Art Evaluation


Sustainable Growth


Career Development


Each module and month, builds upon the insight and information given in the previous one. The content is tailored to your questions and needs during the coaching calls and the additional resources available enhance your learning by offering new perspectives by others.


- You're a hobbyist or beginner artist looking to transition into a professional artist.

- You're ready to build your business on your own terms.

- You crave the success you see but don't know how to make it yours.

- You're struggling to find your vision and voice as an artist.

- You're busy doing all the things but nothing is working.

- You're ready to make a commitment to your art and start making things happen.

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Grow your artist

roots deep.


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