a monthly membership focused on helping you discover your confidence + innate uniqueness as an artist.

find focus and begin to channel your creativity

expand your knowledge with mini courses + resources

grow with other artists in a close creative community

Artist, you need community to thrive.

There's something special about growing with people. Being an artist can be extremely fulfilling, but also lonely work. The truth is, the best art isn't made alone, but from a community's collaborative effort to freely share and explore ideas together.


The Creative Bones Community is a carefully curated, creative haven for the artist craving insight, inspiration, and true community. Inside this space, you will find the confidence to declare your artist identify, resources to help you achieve your goals, and friendship that extends beyond a screen.


This monthly membership gives you access to specially curated resources, a monthly focus, and exclusive mini courses designed to further your creative business and move you from starving artist status to thriving!
Creative Bones
$15 / month
  • weekly pep talks
  • access to monthly mini courses
  • access to the private community space
  • access to live coaching calls


weekly pep talks + new content

live artist q + a sessions.

exclusive monthly mini courses.

private creative community.

The Creative Bones Community is for you if...

You're an artist but can't seem to say it.

You're longing for authentic community but can't find it.

You crave results but can't narrow down a focus.

You're looking for answers but no one seems to have them.

You're ready to grow but unsure of your next steps.

Be first to know when the community doors open!
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