Imagine having an invitation to join a community of artists so you can learn, grow, and thrive on your creative journey.

This is that invitation.

The Creative Bones Community is a monthly membership focused on helping you dive deeper into your art business so you can grow as an artist and entrepreneur.

find focus and begin to channel your creativity

expand your knowledge with mini courses + resources

grow with other artists in a close creative community

Artist, you need community to thrive.

There's something special about growing with people. Being an artist can be extremely fulfilling, but also lonely work. The truth is, the best art isn't made alone, but from a community's collaborative effort to freely share and explore ideas together.


The Creative Bones Community is a carefully curated, creative haven for the beginner artist craving insight, inspiration, and true community. Inside this space, you will find the confidence to declare your artist identify, resources to help you achieve your goals, and friendship that extends beyond a screen.


Courtney P.

Being a part of the Community has given me so much confidence in myself and my art! Having the support of the other members and making connections has been so invaluable. It was definitely just what I needed. Joining this community was the best decision I made all year.

May  B.

I have definitely loved being a part of this community! I have learned so much from Rachel and she is always ready to offer advice. She makes you think a little deeper, to help build that solid foundation. Plus getting to have conversations with all the members has been great as well. Everyone is so supportive!

Renee R.

I love being a part of the community! Rachel is so active in the group chat and always providing us with great resources, prompts, and she is quick to help with anything she can. I love having access to her art + business brain as well as making connections with the others in the group.

Paint Brushes


It's not *just* another subscription.
This monthly membership gives you access to specially curated resources, a monthly focus, and exclusive mini courses designed to further your creative business and move you from starving artist status to thriving!
It was made for the artist craving true community.
there's something for every creative:
  • access to the monthly resource download
  • access to member co-working events
everything above and:
  • exclusive monthly mini courses
  • access to the private community space
  • live Q + A coaching calls
  • access to special discount and community events
everything above and:
  • monthly art tutorial
  • free 5x7 original piece of art*
*limited spots available.

It doesn't get better than this.


weekly pep talks + new content

live artist q + a sessions.

exclusive monthly mini courses.

private creative community.


Who is the community a good fit for?

The community is a good fit for any artist craving more outside input and intentional connection with other artists. If you are feeling stuck, craving more, or just wanting to learn something new about being an artist an business owner, this place is perfect for you! Being a creative can be lonely, The Creative Bones Community is a place to meet others on the same journey as you and grow in a group setting.

Do I have to connect with others inside the space?

While connecting is not necessary, it will definitely enhance what you gain from the space. You can go through all resources on your own, but the benefit of being in a group like the TCB community is that you can learn not just from the leader, but others inside it as well. There are multiple ways to connect with the other artists inside the space such as: - Group Calls - Discord Chat - Member Events - In the post comments

How much time per week does the community require?

We recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes each week to connect with others in the group and go through the newest post of questions and insights. On occassion, there may be an extra member event (such as a paint party or co-working session) that gives you the opportunity to spend more time connecting with others, but these are optional.

How often are new resources released?

New courses and downloads are released on the first of each month, with follow up prompts and insights shared each Monday. This allows you plenty of time to dive into each post, reflect, and ask questions before being given more "homework".

What is the accountability in the group like?

We encourage you to share your goals and projects with the group so they can cheer you on and support you while you work. But ultimately, you are responsible for showing up and putting in the work to get the results. You can increase the accountability you receive by regularly showing up and interacting with posts, others, and resources!

Be first to know when the community doors open!

The community opens up for new members every few months.

Will you join us?

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