7 Ways To Spark Your Creativity (and energy) After A Collection Release

A guest feature written by artist Emily Louise

Let’s talk about collections.

A collection (or series) is a unified body of artwork with a common theme. It might be a collection of paintings on the same subject matter, color palette, textures or story.

Whatever it is you’re working on, the aim of the game is to work in a purposeful direction and get your potential buyers excited about owning an original piece of art from this collection.

If you have ever worked on a collection of artworks, you will know it’s a labor of love amidst a sprinkling of anxiety, bursts of energy and excitement, with some self-doubt and a little frustration thrown in.

It’s not just about planning the collection and the actual creation of the work. You need to be able to build sales momentum and create a hype around the collection that will turn into sales... and I don’t know about you, but in my experience creative types tend to shy away from self-promotion in fear of coming across as ‘salesy’. The whole prospect of shouting from the roof tops about your work can push us right out of our comfort zones and make us feel a