Growing With The Wildflowers: An Artist Interview with Alyssa Parry

Would you mind introducing yourself to the audience?

My name is Alyssa Parry, and I’m absolutely in love with being an artist. I’m obsessed with color, flowers, and vibrance. I am a mom to my darling girl, Violet, and I’m from Salt Lake City, UT.

How did you begin pursuing art?

My sweet aunt Donna used to have an art studio that artists dream of having. It was a cottage-y type studio, filled with her ginormous paintings, huge windows, baskets covering the ceilings full of any medium you could imagine, lacy curtains blowing in the wind and beautiful vines and flowers everywhere. My grandma would always take me there when I was little and up until Donna passed away a few years ago. We would go wild with watercolors, fire, pastels, flower petals, smashed glass, charcoal, airbrush... you name it and we probably threw it on a

canvas. My time spent there is what ingrained creation into my heart and soul.

A lot of your work has floral elements, is there any particular reason you settled into

that focus?

Okay... I’ll give you the truth. I hate painting flowers. Well, I guess I USED to hate it, but it still scares the living daylights out of me. But one day, I decided to stop being scared and to just do it and I haven’t stopped since. It gives me this exhilaration that is unmatched by any other subject. Every painting feels like a complete triumph, and I feel myself grow everyday as an artist.

What unusual things do you find yourself inspired by?

I am a sucker for fairy gardens and English cottages. Something about them reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel like the world is made of fairy dust. It’s pure magic, and I feel no shame about how many screenshots I have of them on my phone!

Is there anything you'd wish you'd have known before you began pursuing art?

My aunt Donna used to always tell me that there is no such thing as “messing up” in art. I wish I would have believed her when I was starting to show my art to the world. I’ve learned that my mistakes are almost always my favorite part of the process and sometimes I’ll keep repeating them because I like them THAT much!

What's your favorite artist affirmation or quote?

“Fake it ’til you make it”. Or a quote by St. Therese of Lisieux, “If every flower was a rose, spring would lose it’s loveliness” a reminder to be your genuine, whole self unapologetically.

What is your number one tip for other creatives?

Don’t get caught up in the “I’ll be happy when..” mentality. Be happy with where you are on your path. Don’t look back, and don’t look too far forward. The journey is the fun part, and being grateful for your path is what will make it so rewarding.

Thanks Alyssa!

You can learn more about Alyssa, her process, and art here: