Rise & Shine, Your Inner Artist Is Calling!

Did you know that being creative, heck even being an artist, isn't about being born with an innate ability to create masterpieces that will be remembered for thousands of years? Or what about how being able to draw more than stick figures and the "Cool S"? Did you know it's really just about tapping into your creative side and exploring another part of yourself?

As artists, (the wannabees, the emerging, and the are), we seem to think that you either have it or you don't. And if you don't have it, that's it. Game over. But there is such more more to a creative life than what your end product looks like. Being creative doesn't start and stop on the easel and talent only gets you so far.

I'm over here, sipping coffee (obviously), wondering what happened.

When did the creative journey become saturated with fear and doubts?

When did we start to eye up our own pieces and compare them to others only to see where we fail? Why are there so many defeating thoughts before we even pick up the brush? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FUN, LOW-KEY CREATING OF CHILDHOOD?!

*Chill Rachel, it's hard to tell the difference between crazy and passionate over a screen.*