Why Is Asking For An Art Sale So Hard?

An artist interview with Taman Deep

For those who don't know, could you introduce yourself and what you do?

Hi! I am Taman, a 22 year old, part-time Indian artist. I am a traditional pop art painter and I love painting portraits/human emotions and abstracts the most. I am a very color focused artist! My mood determines my colors and my choice of color highly determines my mood. That's why yellow is my favorite color- it's just so happy.

How did you become an artist? What made you start pursuing art?

I am not so sure about how I "became" an artist, I was always making art for as long as I can remember. My mother says that I never developed a love for art, I brought it with me. My earliest memory of school/early childhood is of coloring, covering my notebooks and making them look pretty.

I might not remember what I studied but I sure do remember all the different craft things I did on the covers of my projects. Among a long list, two things primarily made me start pursuing art seriously.