Explore your artist identity and jumpstart your creative business! The Artist Roadmap is back and better than ever with 10 creative prompts, questions, and challenges to get you thinking about your business with more clarity and confidence. Inside this workbook, you'll find a variety of topics to help you organize your creative practice and establish yourself as a thriving artist.


This workbook is absolutely for you if you've ever wondered how to build a sales funnel, what your artist differences are, how to identify and overcome obstacles, and how to set up a weekly schedule! Whether you're a new or seasoned artist, The Artist Roadmap is the jumpstart your creativity needs as you move your business forward.

The Artist Roadmap vol. 2

  • If you want more hands on help while you work, you can find a course dedicated to The Artist Roadmap by clicking here.

    This course is just $45 and includes the digital download copy of the roadmap as well as a physical copy for you to run through too.