a guided course to creating + launching your holiday product.

Stop throwing your launch together last second.

No more guilty holiday planning, no more pushing your products off until the last second, no more throwing together some ornaments and hoping they do well (because everyone else's do). It's time to stop the frazzled holiday product push and begin to create with purpose.


'Tis The Season was designed to help you think about your products differently and sell them confidently. Because if you've ever wondered why you just don't feel good selling, this course may just unlock the reason for you.

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learn how to brainstorm + organize your launch.

create a sales funnel that makes sense + works

market + launch your product with confidence


- You want to create a new product but don't know where to start.

- You crave organization but have no idea what that looks like.

- You've never launched anything before and are scared of *crickets*.

- You feel guilty whenever you ask for the sale but don't know why.

- You struggle to stay on track when it comes to accomplishing goals.

- You're ready to create something you and your audience love.

The reward for creative work is always much greater when it's intentionally created. 

'Tis The Season is a one month guided course exploring what it takes to create and launch a product to your audience. Through hands on help, bi-weekly coaching calls, multiple videos and downloadable resources, you'll be ready to create a holiday product you love and launch it confidently to your customers.

Over the length of the course, we'll brainstorm opportunities, nail down a budget, and setting a schedule for creation (and launch). And that's just the surface!

let's go!

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